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TENO is helping schools in more than 1000+ cities with its Diary/Calendar Feature. A school diary consists of a calendar informing the users about major events, updates, activities, school gatherings, etc. This feature seamlessly organizes tasks, reduces external scheduling conflicts, and saves time for teachers and parents.

how it works

Register or login on Teno through the web or mobile application

Click on the “Diary” tab on the homepage to access the feature

Select the date, choose the activity, and fill in the information.

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Benefits of Teno’s diary/calendar Feature


Set up classwork and homework online along with its due dates.


Parents can be notified to pay their child’s tuition fees.


Changes can be made if there is a class reschedule or homework extension.


Set aside a date for any parent-teacher meeting or upcoming festivities.

Single point

Duster cannot make changes anymore. Events can only be set and changed by the teacher.

Easy to

Registration takes less than two minutes.

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A digital reminder for your everyday tasks

Managing a single child can sometimes be challenging, imagine how difficult it can be for institutes to do it for hundreds of children without the help of a school calendar app. Thankfully with the advancements in technology, school ERP apps have introduced the Calendar feature that helps admins and teachers with their scheduling tasks. Teno, which is also seen as an intuitive school parent calendar app comes in handy for educators to maintain a schedule and manage several tasks simultaneously without missing a beat.

Teno’s school parent calendar app enables educators to seamlessly organize their schedule and provide updated information for homework, classwork, lecture notes, and much more. Students and parents get real-time notifications for any changes or any upcoming events. Also, the unique school ERP app sends timely reminders for fees and highlights the due date for payment within the calendar.

This is as easy as it gets. Open Teno’s school ERP app, schedule a task in the Diary/Calendar feature, students and parents get informed instantly!

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