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TENO is a leading school management app with 1 million+ downloads providing a timetable management feature which helps teachers to schedule classes and exams. The app also has Live Classes within the timetable allowing students to attend online classes from anywhere.

how it works

Register or login on Teno through the web or mobile application.

Click on the “Timetable” tab on the homepage and select the student’s class.

Access Live classes by selecting a specific class and press the link to join the Live Class

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Features of Timetable/Live Classes on Teno App

Benefits of Teno’s Timetable & Live Classes feature


Online classes can be organized at ease


Teacher can make changes as and when required

Saves time and

Just select the class and enter the data


Access Timetable and Live classes with a single touch

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Bringing you the best of both

School timetable management is an integral part for your institution. It gives you a schedule by dividing the duration of the school into various periods and assigning classes to it. Teno’s school management software allows institutes to easily create, customize and edit their daily schedule in one place. Teachers can easily assign subjects to a particular class at a particular time on a particular day. Details are available in a systematic manner and students and parents receive updates or changes in real-time. School timetable management has never been this easy!

Teno’s school management software also integrates online live classes for each and every class within the Timetable. As the hybrid model of learning has grown in recent times, the importance of live classes has grown with it. With our online classes app, schools and students can use a single platform for their live classes all year long.

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