About us

Teno is India’s leading Easy to use mobile app for school-administration, academic management, e-learning, parent-teacher communication and much more. It is designed after collecting feedback from India’s leading educators, principals and parents to facilitate better schooling and improve learning outcome for the children, thus delivering happiness to all.

Teno is the official school application of Top Schools of India.

Features offered:

Instant Communication

Online School Fees payment

Digital Attendance

Digital Diary

Exam Mark-sheet

Digital Timetable


Teno Learn

Teno Learn features include unlimited access to:

  1. All India Test Series – Compete with students from your school and all over the country

  2. Performance Analytics – Track your child’s progress for different subjects

  3. Online Worksheets – Practice to get better in specific chapters

  4. Remedies uniquely customised for each child – Bridge your child’s learning deficit

  5. Videos – Learn

  6. Math Gym

  7. Many more E-learning solutions

Teno Learn is aligned with school syllabus & provides wholesome e-learning solutions for students and enables parents to derive insights on their child’s performance.

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