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About us

Teno’s school management app was introduced in 2015 with an aim to provide digitized solutions for schools and help them carry out their everyday schooling activities online. Since then, Teno has been on a mission to help schools all over India by creating an advanced yet easy-to-use school management app that supports school administration, academic management, and e-learning activities.

The idea was to provide a simple yet dynamic school management software that would cater to all the needs of an educational institution and ensure operational efficiency. Therefore, our sole focus is to understand the educational framework and bring the best of technological advancement into our App to create a platform that helps our users.

The Team

With the growing demand for digital education services, a lot of school ERP solutions have risen to the cause. We at Teno are on a mission to become the best school management app out there. If you are on the lookout for a hybrid tool that supports both online and on-campus learning with dynamic functionality and reliability, then Teno's school management app has the most suitable features to cover your everyday administrative requirements. Our team is always on the move to make constant innovation and improvements to deliver out of the box solutions, which make operations productive and deliver an excellent digital education service to all our users.

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Benefits of working at Teno


We care about our work, colleagues, customers, and anyone we interact with. We build trust through responsible actions and honest relationships.

Customer Obsessed

We cater to our customers’ needs and aim to offer a smart choice that’s bespoke to their needs.


Our people love what they do. We provide a fun and supportive environment that empowers our staff to grow, learn and progress.


We love trying new approaches to discover different ways of doing things. This leads to innovation and invention in our products and services.


Following our growth mindset principle, we believe that small ongoing improvements can result in major positive changes.


We are headstrong on showing up and setting out to accomplish and deliver the things we’ve said. It’s about taking responsibility for your work.


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General Enquiries: info@tenoapp.com Support requests: support@tenoapp.com

Call us at: +91 22 6198 7676

Partnerships & investment queries: corporate.dev@tenoapp.com

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